EOV Wellness Project®

3 Core Components

The EOV Wellness Project® is a comprehensive online wellness program made up of eight video modules, additional resources and an action plan to help set priorities and track progress.

You experience eight compelling virtual modules that are brief, but potent keys to understanding your personal well-being.

Each lesson is a video that incorporates facts-based practical advice from a world-class physician.The modules are complemented by healing music composed specifically for EOV Wellness Project®,and stunningly curated visuals, for a multi-sensory transformative learning experience.

The EOV Wellness Project® is insightful and pragmatic. It provides opportunities for a deep, 360 degree understanding of yourself through a reflection space where you can capture your learnings, and gather resources that support ongoing growth. Through participation, you’ll also receive a comprehensive action plan that helps you take the next steps towards better health and well-being.


8 Episodes for your well-being.

Eight virtual modules to assist you in achieving physical, emotional, social, and mental well-being.


An Action plan and reflection journal.

Capture your learning and prioritize your efforts.


Additional resources and video posts.

Additional Resources to help you continue to pursue better living.

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