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(EOV stands for- Emphasis On Viability)

“ EOV Wellness Project® is accessible and adaptable. “

Drawing from healing practices and wisdom from around the world, our program empowers you to map and pursue your path to individual well-being.

Comprehensive wellness

Wellness is all-encompassing, affecting many areas of our lives. It’s rarely about one isolated thing that needs a quick fix or a life hack.

EOV Wellness Project® helps you examine your physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being from multiple perspectives, all supported by rigorous scientific research and extensive studies.

You’ll learn how to improve key aspects of your life – from sleep, to your approach to money, to fitness to your ties to your community. The question that propels us at EOV Wellness Project® is: are we our best selves?

The Experience

8 Episodes + Powerful Resources.

You experience the program in eight compelling virtual modules that are brief, but potent keys to understanding your personal well-being. Each lesson is a video that incorporates facts-based practical advice from a world-class physician.

The modules are complemented by healing music composed specifically for EOV Wellness Project®,and stunningly curated visuals, for a multi-sensory transformative learning experience.

EOV Wellness Project® is insightful and pragmatic. It provides opportunities for a deep, 360 degree understanding of yourself through a reflection space where you can capture your learnings, and gather resources that support ongoing growth. Through participation, you’ll also receive a comprehensive action plan that helps you take the next steps towards better health and well-being.

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